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   On February 24, 2022, Russia launched missile strikes and a direct full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Despite this aggression, the Armed Forces of Ukraine bravely repelled the enemy. At the «Wilni — UA» Charitable Foundation, we are proud to provide unwavering support to our defenders in their time of need. Join us in making a difference today.

зимова форма для зсу

Military clothing

   The success of combat missions in any weather depends not only on training but also on comfortable clothing. Our soldiers rely on military uniforms made of special materials that repel moisture, keep out water and protect against wind and fire. At the «Wilni — UA» Charitable Foundation, we recognize the importance of quality gear in ensuring the safety of our defenders. Join us in supporting our soldiers today.

зимові берці для зсу


   High-quality and comfortable shoes are essential for a serviceman to perform at their best. They are one of the most critical components of a fighter’s equipment, as comfortable footwear reduces fatigue and greatly enhances combat ability. At the «Wilni — UA» Charitable Foundation, we understand the importance of quality gear in supporting our soldiers. Join us in making a difference today.


Tactical protection

   Tactical protection is essential for the survival of our soldiers during combat missions, minimizing injuries and keeping them safe. It plays a vital role in protecting individual body parts or the entire human body. At the «Wilni — UA» Charitable Foundation, we recognize the importance of quality tactical equipment in ensuring the safety of our defenders. 


   Reliable communication can mean the difference between life and death for our soldiers. It’s not just about completing tasks, but about saving lives. Military walkie-talkies provide our defenders with a crucial lifeline in critical moments. At the «Wilni — UA» Charitable Foundation, we believe in equipping our soldiers with the best communication tools to keep them safe. 



   Ukrainian soldiers now have access to the cutting-edge satellite Internet system Starlink from North American company SpaceX. Thanks to this technology, our fighters can swiftly and effectively neutralize enemy threats, including armored vehicles.



   Optical devices are the soldiers’ most important tool. With sights, they can accurately hit targets from 2-3 km away. Night vision devices and thermal imagers help them detect enemies a kilometre away in complete darkness. Modern optics are essential for success in combat, but they are also costly and fragile.



   Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, drones have proven to be more than just surveillance tools. They have become a powerful weapon against the enemy. With the ability to drop grenades and other explosives on the enemy’s position, drones have made a significant impact on the battlefield.


Cars for the army

   The Armed Forces urgently require vehicles that offer high mobility, excellent off-road capabilities, and manoeuvrability to accomplish missions and save lives.



   Providing immediate medical aid to wounded servicemen is crucial in saving lives on the battlefield. The analysis of causes of death among soldiers shows that many could have been saved with the right equipment. Modern military first-aid kits are designed to meet this critical need and offer hope to our brave defenders.



   Generators provide power not just for communication devices but also for all military equipment. They are the key source of power during combat operations, making them critical for mission success.



   In war, soldiers operate vehicles in extremely harsh conditions, which can result in damage to the car. Rapid repair is essential, and good quality tires are critical to get the vehicle back on the road. Getting a repaired car with reliable tires means completing a combat mission and saving lives.

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Direct costs

Delivering assistance to our brave soldiers at various deployment locations across Ukraine, from preparation to delivery.

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